MPOW 3-In-1 Bluetooth Kit For Cars W/ No Bluetooth & AUX Jack


Bluetooth Kit For Cars With An AUX Jack that DON?T Have Bluetooth

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MPOW bring us this fantastic, ingenious solution for older model cars that still have a 3.5mm auxiliary input, but don?t have Bluetooth connectivity. Simply plug this unit into your car?s AUX jack, mount the control unit anywhere easily accessible and enjoy full bluetooth connectivity. Microphone built in for taking calls, large and easy to use answer/end button and forward/back buttons for controlling your tunes. Comes with a twin input 12 volt plug, allowing you to power both your new bluetooth kit & your phone, so you can always keep connected. Unit also comes with an in-line ?ground loop isolator?. This handy little device blocks out any annoying static interference noise that me be present in a car, and allows for clean, crisp, uninterrupted bluetooth streaming of your calls and music.


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