Baseus T Typed Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Charge/USB Input Black


Smart Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter

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Baseus smart Bluetooth enabled FM transmitter with twin USB charging and phonecall capability. This ingenious unit allows you to utilize your existing car radio?s FM frequency list. Pair this unit to your phone Via bluetooth, set a clear FM frequency on the unit, match your car radio to that frequency and you can stream music and phonecalls through your cars existing FM radio. Unit also has answer/end call buttons with ?previous/skip? buttons, allowing you full, legal, handsfree control of all functions of your mobile device while you drive. A USB with MP3 music files can also be inserted into one of the USB ports on the device, allowing for device-free streaming if you simply want to play music and nothing else. Supports 2.4 Amp fast charging.


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